We create Eco-Libraries.

Eco-Libraries are community hubs where kids learn about nature and sustainable practices.

An Eco-Library is a unique platform that consist of three components: Eco-Activities, Sustainable Incentives and Green Gurus.

Awakening children's curiosity about nature by providing fun-to-read books in Eco-Libraries


We provide guidelines for fun games, activities and interactions with nature which are based on experiential learning.

These Eco-Activities vary in form; they are primarily:

  • Creative activities (drawing/painting, craft making, scientific experiments, motion games, creative writing/storytelling, songwriting, drama plays etc.),
  • Actions (cleanups, tree planting, cooking, etc.),
  • Projects (composting, veggie garden, upcycling), Eco-movie watching & discussion, and Field trips.

The topics integrated into the activities are Web of life (we’re all connected), Waste, Food, Water, Energy, Climate change, Travel, Ecosystem services, Biodiversity, Pollution, Consumption (buying power, wasteful consumption-throwaway society, consumerism), Health (hygiene & nutrition), Housing & Building.

Fund an Eco-Library

Inspiring children through games and activities to lead sustainable lifestyles


We ask local Eco-Library coordinators to implement Eco-Activities and give us feedback. According to their level of involvement we reward them with incentives.
The first incentive is a set of fun-to-read and up-to-date books in the Indonesian language that delve into topics such as fauna, flora, ecosystems and the environment. The books awaken children’s curiosity about Nature, helping them to overcome their fear of the unknown and develop empathy towards the environment, thereby stimulating them to protect it now and in the future.

The other incentives are linked to sustainable lifestyle: water filters, reusable tote bags, reusable bottles, binoculars etc. The top incentive is invitation for Green Educator Course held by Green School Bali.

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Empowering communities to live in harmony with nature by providing guidelines for sustainable practices


The local Eco-Library coordinators are at the heart of our quest to inspire the children and communities to live more sustainably. They implement Eco-Activities, undergo further education and develop into community change makers – the Green Gurus.

We have online tools to develop their skills and the most dedicated gurus are invited for the Green Educators Course to Bali. Because the most effective way to spread any knowledge is to educate the educators.

The goal is for our Eco-Library to become a community hub for spreading guidelines for sustainable practices: (Permaculture, alternative energy sources, Zero Waste practices, waste bank, herbal medicine). Because sustainable, happier and healthier communities is the most effective force to cope with local environmental issues.

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