We promote education for sustainability

We are tackling the environmental crisis in innovative ways by combining 3 pillars: eco-education for kids, training local educators and the promotion of eco-friendly products.

Awakening children's curiosity about nature by providing fun-to-read books in Eco-Libraries


We have developed a curriculum that local educators can implement in their schools and communities as part of informal education.

The games and activities include:  interactive games, storytelling, up-cycling arts & crafts, puppet play-acting, drama play, documentary film watching,  experiments, composting, gardening, tree planting, cookery, bird watching, field trips, beach/river clean-ups etc.

We believe that the style of frontal teaching is outdated, therefore, our games and activities are interactive and fun, based on experiential learning, using a positive approach. The lesson plan is following a three-phased learning scheme:  Evocation – Realization of meaning – Reflexion.

The curriculum is split into several educational programs with a wide range of interesting and important eco-topics — from pollution and climate change to biodiversity and conservation. The pilot program, “Zero Waste School Program is focused on marine pollution and reducing single-use plastic.

See some of the eco-activities on our YouTube channel or photo gallery.

Empowering communities to live in harmony with nature by providing guidelines for sustainable practices


Local educators are teachers, community leaders and other educators who enrol for our eco-education program and implement it in their schools, communities, clubs, orphanages and other establishments. They are at the heart of our quest to inspire the children and communities to live more sustainably.

We believe that the most effective way to spread any knowledge is to educate the local  educators. That’s why we provide local educators with an online platform from which they can easily access the teaching curriculum as well as additional resources to develop their skills. We encourage mutual networking through our online platform and invite the most dedicated educators to attend offline workshops. We reward them and their students with green incentives – eco-friendly products and education materials.

Our hope is that the local educators not only influence the students but also other community members and develop into community change makers who are using eco-friendly products and promote sustainable practices. Through our efforts, we wish to contribute to sustainable, happier and healthier communities that become powerful forces in protecting our planet.

Inspiring children through games and activities to lead sustainable lifestyles


The local educators implement our eco-education program in their schools and communities and give us feedback in the form of text, photos or videos. On the basis of  their level of involvement, we reward them with eco-friendly products and education material, including:

  • Reusable tote bags and water bottles
  • Water filters
  • Binoculars
  • Organic seeds and a worm composting system
  • Current, colorful, and engaging kids books in the Indonesian language on topics like fauna, flora, ecosystems, and the environment

The most active local educators are invited to join our online forum and to attend online and offline educational courses and workshops.

Big thanks to our partners