(Review) Green Desert: A Documentary Movie for Youth About Oil Palm


 “The areas covered with primeval forests for thousands of years have now been turned into vast forest-free sites designated for palm oil planting.” 


The youths need to be aware of the environment, and this movie helps with that. Heart-touching, eyes-opening, and educatingall in one Green Desert movie, a documentary that was published by Green-books.org in 2019. The movie begins by giving some insights about the beauty of exotic life in the Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo island) rainforest, following to the point where you realize that nature there is in threat, then there’s an easy solution you can contribute doing that later you can find in the last minutes of the movie. Whether you’re a student from any educational stage, a mom or dad who wants to encourage your kid to care more about the environment, or just simply a human who’s reading this now, this twenty-minute documentary is good to watch, as you know that environmental awareness is needed from everyone.



Rainforest is home to numerous plants and animals. This documentary movie will take you to see what’s inside the huge Kalimantan rainforest and its surroundings. Such astonishing wildlife there. Alas, some part of this heaven on earth has lost its existence because of the parties who do deforestation greedily. The land expansion for oil palm cultivation doesn’t only stop in Kalimantan, but it also spreads to other Indonesian islands. Imagine that the green and peaceful jungle life turns into a desert, then where do the forest living creatures go?



This documentary involves several local people from different circles, including the residents, a chieftain, a farmer, a fisherman, and members of organizations caring for Orangutans. They voice their uneasiness about the results they now have from what irresponsible parties had done to their environment. In this session, they talk about how the unwise loggers destroy the forest without feeling any guilt and no compassion for the life that exists in it. Besides putting forest life at risk, deforestation for oil palm plantations is also disadvantageous to people’s livelihoods. Apart from that, what was damaged on land turns out to also bring damage to the water environment. It causes a lot of fish dead, and it even brings a negative impact on residents’ health since the people are depending on the river as one of the sources for their daily needs.



Greenbooks.org always uses fun and casual way in giving environmental education so that learning doesn’t feel boring, no exception in presenting this documentary as well. The narrator’s tone in telling all information throughout the movie has a friendly sound impression that brings colors to the way this movie is presented. There’s also funny footage of an infant Orangutan that is going to wake you up to the reality of how precious this species and other animals are, and how they need to be protected. On the other way around, some clips are showing the view of deforestation that sadly not everyone cares about. However, never lose your optimism for a better environmental future. There’s always a way to do good for nature, and the final part of this documentary movie tells about what you can do for it.


You can watch the movie here


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Author: Dita