The majority of Indonesian rainforests and coral reefs have been damaged and the entire archipelago is contaminated with plastic. Environmental education can bring a brighter, cleaner, more sustainable future for Indonesia and beyond.

With help from our collaborators and supporters, we are working to tackle the problem. We have created more than 100 ECO-EDUCATION CENTERS focused on educating kids about the environment and sustainable practices.

Want to get involved? No matter what your interests, talents, or time, your support can make a major impact to the Green-Books cause. Check out current opportunities below and please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Invest in green education for future generations

Help children discover the beauty of nature and inspire them to protect their world with books and activities! The 85 million Indonesian children of today are the parents, consumers, and decision makers of tomorrow. Environmental education is key for keeping our planet healthy.


Happiness comes from what you give.

Join our family of fellow collaborators from wherever you are in the world! We could use your help, one small project at a time.

Currently, we are looking for:

  • Copywriter (Bali or remote)
  • Fundraiser (Bali or remote)
  • Blog content creator (Bali or remote)
  • Social Media intern (Bali)

Use your professional skills to save the Earth.


Save the earth in your own style.

Think big or small: host a birthday party and swap gifts for donations, have a garage sale, plan a concert, host a fundraising BBQ, donate the guy’s Friday Night Poker jackpot, or get more ideas here.

You can raise money for specific Eco-Library or set up your custom fundraising page. See how Milan did it!


Discover Indonesia off the beaten track!

Connect with locals and improve your green-karma by visiting one of our Eco-Education Centers. Check out how our Centers are doing, take photos, join in Eco-Activities with the children, and serve as a “green” role model.

Let us know where you plan to go!


The fastest way to become a hero that doesn’t cost you a cent

Orangutans, rhinos, and other endemic species are on the verge of extinction. We need to empower the next generation of Earth Guardians and you can become our ambassador. Just by following us, sharing our content, and mentioning us in your posts, you can spread the movement further!

Get started now by sharing our story!



Have a positive impact on your Indonesian community.

Managing an Eco-Education Center and mentoring children on environmental issues demands a long-term commitment. Further requirements are fluency in Indonesian and a space for the kids to gather (eg. school, children’s club, public library, mosque, church).

Big thanks to our partners