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Why we don’t give up

With the ongoing COVID-19 related issues (limited access to schools, budget cut, reduced staff…), continuing month after month to work on our mission with less and less donation coming in is challenging, but we are pushing through. We have 3 reasons not to give up on promoting environmental education and a sustainable lifestyle: 

  • Did you know that there are several links between Coronavirus, climate change and pollution? For example, people from areas with higher air pollution are more prone to severe infections. Thus this is an important time to emphasize and convey the need for a healthy environment.
  • The virus will likely be controlled sooner or later, but climate change still remains the biggest threat to humankind.
  • We believe that inspiring, motivating, teaching and speaking about the environment, pollution and climate change are the best ways to make people aware of the importance of keeping the earth healthy, thriving and able to mitigate human suffering.

Bringing Eco-Education from schools to families

These days in the time of social distancing, parents are taking on the role of educators, and it’s a great opportunity to bring education for sustainability from school to home. Environmental education is largely absent in the Indonesian school curriculum and there is also no comprehensive online database of eco-activities available in Indonesia.

This inspired us to support Indonesian parents with resources that we have already introduced to local schools on topics around biodiversity conservation, waste management and climate change. Our task is to adapt these resources to become applicable in a family setting. To scale up our impact, we plan to provide these programs for free, and this is where you could step in to help us.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Education is one of the main solutions for promoting a sustainable existence on our planet. Will you help us bring environmental education to thousands of Indonesian (and non-Indonesian) families? To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we pledge to publish 50 top-notch Eco-Activities to inspire kids to care about nature. We will develop 50 activities in Bahasa Indonesia (some will be translated into English) for parents, grandparents and older siblings to conduct with kids at home in a fun and interactive way. You can see the growing list of Eco-Activities here.

Any little contribution will help

To be able to follow through with our new Eco-Activities for Family program, we need your help. USD 100 will entitle you to become a sponsor of one Eco-Activity. Nevertheless, any amount will be greatly appreciated and any little contribution will go a long way to supporting the salary of our dedicated Program Coordinator, Nurul, the only full-time paid employee at this point. With her passion for sustainability and kids’ education, Nurul goes above and beyond to develop quality educational material for Indonesian kids, and she deserves to be rewarded for her noble work. 


Become a sponsor of one Eco-Activity for USD 100 or donate whatever you can to bring Eco-Education to thousands of Indonesian homes!

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