Help Indonesian Schoolchildren Discover the Wonders of Coral Reefs and Become Conservation Ambassadors


Indonesia is home to one of the most extensive coral reef ecosystems in the world, spanning over 50,000 square kilometers. However, despite its size and importance, about 95 percent of Indonesia’s coral reefs are at risk, with overfishing, destructive fishing practices, and pollution among the leading threats. Furthermore, climate change has resulted in rising sea temperatures and ocean acidification, which can cause coral bleaching and mass mortality events.

Unfortunately, around 95 percent of Indonesian schoolchildren cannot swim, which means they are unable to explore these unique marine habitats firsthand and may not fully appreciate their ecological value. This lack of access is a significant barrier to raising awareness about the importance of coral reefs and the threats they face.


Coral Reef Snorkeling Experience Program

To address this issue, the Coral Reef Snorkeling Experience for Schoolchildren program provides an opportunity for students to experience coral reefs firsthand, learn about their importance for biodiversity conservation, and understand the threats facing these fragile ecosystems.

The program includes transport from the school to Padang Bai, where students learn how to snorkel in a pool at the OK Divers Resort under the supervision of professional instructors. After the training, students take a short boat ride to the coral reef area, where they can explore the biodiversity of coral reefs under the supervision of professional instructors from OK Divers.

After the snorkeling session, the students return to the resort for a vegetarian single-use plastic-free lunch and reflect on the importance of coral reef ecosystems and coral restoration, which is introduced by experts from local NGO Livingseas. This reflection session helps students understand the critical role of coral reefs in sustaining marine life and the importance of protecting them from unsustainable human activities.


Program Impact and follow-up

The follow-up impact evaluation of the program showed that the students experienced a deep connection with nature and understood the threats facing coral reefs. The most enthusiastic students have the chance to sign up for the subsequent coral reef restoration program organized by Livingseas, which involves actively participating in coral restoration efforts. By participating in these programs, students not only gain valuable knowledge but also become ambassadors for coral reef conservation, spreading awareness in their communities and beyond.


From Classroom to Coral Reefs: Give Indonesian Schoolchildren a Life-changing Educational Experience

Sponsor 1 public school student – IDR 450,000/USD 30
Sponsor a group of 16 public school students (one full bus) – IDR 7,200,000/USD 480

(Including: school-diving base-school transport, snorkeling gear, life vest, snorkeling training with an instructor in a pool, boat ride, guided snorkeling in the sea, eco-friendly snacks and lunch, educational workshop, and coral reef restoration presentation)


Please help Indonesian schoolchildren discover the wonders of coral reefs and become conservation ambassadors!


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