Green Educators Course, Oct 2017

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The most effective way to spread any knowledge is to educate the educators.

On Oct 14 – 22, 2017 we are inviting the three most engaged Eco-Library coordinators to join the Green Educators Course, held by Green School Bali, dubbed the greenest school on earth.

Please support our Green Gurus, who are at the heart of our quest to educate, inspire, and transform their 850 students and communities to live more sustainably and in harmony with our planet.

By the end of September we need to raise USD 1,200 or IDR 16,000,000 to cover their:

Airfare return ticket IDR   2,000,000
Airport pick up/drop off IDR      500,000
Accommodation Eco-Lodge Canggu/4 nights IDR   1,000,000
Organic meals/2 days IDR      600,000
Eco-Library program coordinator /2 days IDR      500,000
Transport Canggu – Green School – Canggu IDR      250,000
Green School course fee 5days/4nights IDR 10,500,000
Trip to Tanah Lot IDR      400,000



Oct. 14 Arrival, Transfer to Eco-Lodge – Canggu
Oct. 15 Eco-Activities workshop, Permaculture, Zero waste
Oct. 16-20 Transfer to Green School, Green Educators Course, Transfer to Eco-Lodge
Oct. 21 Eco-Activities workshop, Vegan cooking, Yoga, Tanah Lot sunset
Oct. 22 Transfer to Airport


Thanks to the regular implementation of Eco-Activities and engagement in the Green Guru on-line group, the following three Eco-Library coordinators were chosen:  

  1. Mrs. Munasyaroh Fadlilati from community Eco-Library in Pucangro, Lamongan Regency, East Java Province
    • Mrs. Munasyarotul not only runs her own small business, but also gives private tutoring to children. Her passion for teaching kids is one of the reasons she created a library, Bintang Brilliant Reading Garden back in 2004–which is entirely free to the public. Children come to her house almost every evening to study. Besides creating reading activities she organizes drawing competitions, quiz games and once a year she takes the children to visit the museum of Majapahit Empire in Mojokerto to introduce to them some history of their region. Mrs. Munasyarotul Fadlilati does a lot to make learning enjoyable to the kids in the community. One of the bigger competitions she organizes is held twice a year and is modelled after a famous Indonesian game show; It consists of children competing to answer all questions correctly and become the final winner. See the full Eco-Library profile.
  2. Mrs. Nurul Qisthi from school Eco-Library in Kawisanyar Kebomas, Gresik Regency, East Java Province
    • Mrs. Nurul is an English teacher at the local Junior High School, Islam Manbaul Ulum Gresik. When she first started teaching, she did not have any interests in the environment or nature–until the school got elected to participate in Adiwiyata Program (the national environmental education program). Due to this program, she learned more about environment and became especially  interested in organic gardening and hydroponics. She established a hydroponics system in the school and invited students to join. Now she has a passion for environmental science and tries to intercorporate it into as much as possible– even into her English classes. See the full Eco-Library profile.
  3. Mrs .Wiwik Subandiah from community Eco-Library in  Kedung Banteng, Jombang Regency, East Java Province
    • Mrs. Wiwik left behind Surabaya’s big city life and office job and moved to her husband’s village to pursue the dream of helping others. First she noticed that the kids have no other hobby than mimicking dangdut songs and that they only have access to boring textbooks. She decided to set up a small library out of donated books in her house located in the middle of rice fields, which has proved to have great success. Additionally, she helps many underprivileged children earn the money they need to go back to school through selling fish and banana crisps. Even further, Mrs Wiwik has been campaigning for organic farming since toxic pesticides are used widely in this rural area, constantly polluting the soil and water as a result. She provides local farmers with knowledge of how to cultivate their land organically. So far only one farmer has switched to organic but she will never give up. See the full Eco-Library profile.


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