Environmental Books for Indigenous Schools in Borneo

David Metcalf
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David Metcalf is a longtime supporter of indigenous Dayak culture:

“Sakolah Adat is a private non profit school providing customary education to indigenous children in Indonesia. There are currently 16 of these in West Kalimantan I have been involved with some of these schools for the past three years. They are proving to be very successful in keeping the cultural traditions alive among the young children, which is their main objective.

The children learn traditional dance and music, story telling, poetry, traditional games, often in the forest. They learn about the importance of trees and plants for food and health benefits, from their elders. They are also encouraged to write and tell stories.

The children that attend Sakolah Adat are from 6 – 12 years, and some of the older children, 14 – 17 year olds volunteer as teachers and class organisers. In some communities the children attend Sakolah Adat every day after formal school, and in others they attend 2 – 3 times a week.

In many rural communities indigenous children face an identity crises, caught between the traditional world of their elders and the modern world so they sometimes find it hard to adjust and fit in. Sakolah Adat plays a very critical role in balancing the two, and giving the indigenous children a stronger sense of who they are and the importance of their culture and traditions.

Sakolah Adat is entirely volunteer and does not receive any support from the local or federal governments and the schools are based in rural communities. The only funding is provided by me and through fund raising events.

It is very important these children are encouraged to read and so need good quality books.”

Therefore David would like fundraise USD 1,250 to provide 5 batches of current, colorful and engaging kids’ books in the Indonesian language on topics like fauna, flora, ecosystems and the environment. The 5 Sekolah Adat are:

  1. Arus Kualan in Tahak village, Ketapang regency, serving  130 students. (Books donated in December 2020: https://www.green-books.org/cause/092-tahak-ketapang-regency-west-kalimantan/)
  2. Samabue in Menjalin Village , Landak regency, serving 200 students
  3. Patamuan Talino Binua Samih in Sebangki Village, Landak regency, serving 80 students (Books donated in December 2020: https://www.green-books.org/cause/098-sebangki-landak-regency-west-kalimantan/)
  4. Radang’k Saham in Saham village, Landak regency, serving 30 students
  5. Sungai Uluk in Kapuas Hulu village, Putusibau regency, serving 120 students

* If donation made by bank transfer please include “Sakolah Adat” in remark.

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