Ask for a Super Green Gift

Are you tired of getting material gifts that end up in a storage box? Set up your custom fundraising platform and create six ways of happiness.

We are living in a material world

Christmas, anniversaries, weddings and birthdays are celebrations where we appreciate our families, friends and loved ones in a personal way, often by giving gifts. But how many times have you got a gift that ended up in a box in the attic/cellar? Is it necessary to get/give/exchange material presents, especially when we are aware that our planet is suffering from overexploitation?


Get a gift and create six ways of happiness

This time,  you can plan for the greatest gift of all benefiting the natural world., a non-profit on a mission to provide environmental education to 85 million Indonesian children, offers a way in which you can make your special day even more special.  They provide fundraising platform where you can ask friends to make a donation rather than give you a gift.

This will benefit:

  1. Your loved ones (the donors), because they can give you a worthwhile gift, saving their time thinking about what to give you and saving time shopping for it, as this gift is just a couple clicks away.
  2. Yourself (the recipient), because instead of accumulating useless stuff you will be happy to support the natural world, that gives us clean water, air, food and a sense of peace and well being.
  3. Millions of Indonesian kids, because is developing an eco-education curriculum for kids. The kids will play fun eco-activities based on experiential learning and have access to environmental books instead of killing their time.
  4. The local communities, because the money will go directly to provide eco-education centers with motivational rewards, such as  Nazava XL water filters, reusable bottles, Tasini keychain bags made from recycled PET, organic seeds, tiger worms composting systems, binoculars for birdwatching and colorful environmental books.
  5. The local coordinators, because they will receive further education to become community changemakers who promote sustainable practices in their community. Educating the educators is the best way to have a long-term impact.
  6. The natural environment,  because it will be treated with more respect. In the time it took to read this just in Indonesia itself 3 football pitches of primary rainforest were cut down and 9 tons of plastic waste was dumped in the ocean. When the communities are being educated about the value of nature and becoming self-reliant, they become the protectors of the environment.



This grassroots initiative has spread to over 100 communities in the last 5 years, but there are 1000s other communities with little access to books, clean water, and environmental education. Now you can play a leading role in replicating the remarkable success they have had so far. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up your custom fundraising platform and share the link with your loved ones, family members and friends.


The happiest couple that asked for a green wedding gift

Below is an example of such a fundraising platform of a happy couple who used their wedding day to give a gift to celebrate their good fortune:

Dear friends, thank you for coming here (to this website), really appreciate it! It is a tradition to give the newly-weds some gifts to help them to start their new life together. Well, we are no longer 18 and we are doing fine and as we have each other, we do not really need anything else.

However, since you are already in the giving mood, let us hijack this generous spirit a bit and divert your contributions to where it can make a difference – an amazing project of our friend Petr Hindrich – The aim of this initiative is the preservation of the amazing nature of Indonesia which is being destroyed at an alarming rate by both, greedy corporations and short-sighted and ignorant behavior of the people in Indonesia. To tackle the corporations is a task too big for a single project to resolve it, however, the behavior of the people does not come from bad intent, but rather lack of understanding of the impact of their actions on the environment, and that is something that can be changed indeed.

Again, this is not easy, however through education of kids about nature and the environment, it is possible to grow a new generation that will be mindful of their surroundings and behave respectfully and friendly to Indonesian nature and through their changed behavior there is a chance that even future generations can experience the amazing diversity and richness of the Indonesia eco-system both on land and sea. Feel free to contribute as much as you want and accept our gratitude for helping a great cause.

Thank you so much!

The happiest couple,
Majra & Ika

Knowledge and understanding is at the heart of saving our natural world. Together we can achieve universal environmental education in Indonesia. It can be as simple as purchasing a book, sponsoring an Eco-Education Center or making a donation by setting up your custom fundraising platform