We raise awareness about nature and sustainable practices in communities using children’s education and books as a starting point.


We are on a mission to inspire millions of Indonesian children to live sustainably.

Our vision is to contribute to millions of sustainable, happier, and healthier communities all around the world by empowering local educators with knowledge and tools. Our goal is that the local educators become community change-makers and inspire their students to become the next leaders in the movement against climate change.

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Human action destroys natural treasures of one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth at a speed that is hard to believe.

What’s really happening in indonesia

Indonesia’s unique natural environment is in conflict with the world’s demand for resources and a domestic economy driven by a growing population of 260 million — including 85 million children lacking environmental education.


Deforestation at the world’s highest rate

In Indonesia, massive tracts of rainforests the size of 132 football fields are cut down every hour. The enormous ecosystem disruption is increasing flooding and forest fires while bringing endemic species like orangutans, tigers, elephants, rhinos to the verge of extinction.

Pollution that poisons our food chain

Java’s Citarum River, lined by 2,000 factories, is the most polluted river in the world. Life-threatening mercury leaks into the surrounding watershed from gold mines in Papua, Sumbawa and Kalimantan. After China, Indonesia is the 2nd largest polluter of oceans with plastic, which is mistaken as food by marine animals.

Devastation of marine ecosystems

High demand for Indonesian fish leads to unsustainable overfishing. 82% of Indonesia’s coral reefs along its 17,000 islands have been damaged as a result of dynamite and cyanide fishing, trawling, bleaching and ocean acidification.

Exploitation of endangered species

Popularity of oriental medicine and demand for pets pushes already endangered species to the brink. Among these species are the Javan Hawk-eagle, Bali Starling, Slow Loris, Pangolin, Manta Ray, Whitetip Shark and Helmeted Hornbill.

Education that is lagging behind

Indonesia’s education system is failing to deliver knowledge on key subjects like the environment and sustainability. As a result, children have little understanding of the natural processes around them and have no role models who promote eco-awareness.


The idea of promoting education for sustainability started as a grassroot initiative in 2013 when Petr Hindrich was on a surf trip on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba. During his stay with the local community, Petr discovered that the local children were growing up without access to books or information about nature. He realized that a lack of environmental education is playing a major part in causing the pollution, deforestation, and other eco issues running rampant on Sumba island and across Indonesia.

Lacking a network of eco-conscious educators, books appeared as the perfect tool to make the kids curious about nature. Petr went looking for the best children’s environmental books he could find in the capital city, Jakarta. Cramming his backpacks, he brought more than 50 of them back to Sumba.

Motivated by the positive reaction of the children and community, Petr partnered with a couple of like-minded friends and in 2014 they established Green-Books.org z.s. in Prague, Czech Republic, a non-profit organisation focused on initiating eco-libraries and delivering environmental books to schools and communities across Indonesia.

In 2017, due to aspiration of having more impact in the educational field, the Green-Boooks.org team started to develop a curriculum for informal education full of fun games and activities based on experiential learning.

In 2018, based on the lack of feedback from the schools after they had received books, a new model was set up. Green incentives (books and other eco-friendly motivational rewards) are offered to the schools only after the eco-education curriculum is successfully implemented and feedback provided.

In 2019, Yayasan Green Books Indonesia was established in Denpasar, Bali with the goal to collaborate with other subjects and government agencies to educate the local educators through online resources and offline workshops. The pilot Zero Waste School Program was launched to attract more eco-conscious educators. The eco-conscious educators are the most important element in order to have more impact in the field of education for sustainability.


We are a small but passionate team promoting education for sustainability to children across Indonesia

Petr Hindrich

Petr Hindrich

Co-founder & Directing manager 

“While learning about different cultures around the world I noticed that happier people are not those who are surrounded by material, but those who are closely connected with nature, who accept the fact that humans are not the superior species that should seek to monopolize the planet. I tried to study this phenomenon, to find out what nature provides us and gradually became interested in environmentalism. Finally, I set my heart upon dedicating efforts and time to promote the love of nature and a sustainable way of life.”

Tomáš Jirsa

Tomáš Jirsa

Co-founder & Administration 

"Neither life, nor travelling is about being rich materially, but it’s about getting your ass up and do something that makes you happy--and it’s a bonus if you can make others happy along the way. Education, however, is something that makes you realize those things, along with issues such as inequality, poverty, and ecological issues. None of us are equal at the beginning of the “Monopoly” game of life, but education can equalize those differences. Love your family, appreciate friends, like what you do for a living, do sports, travel to learn about world around you."

Rani Handayani

Rani Handayani

Communication & Fundraising 

"Do you want to make a change? Do you want to help save the planet? Start with education, especially education for children.

I have been wanting to contribute to the education of Indonesia's children. Joining the Green-Books.org team is one way to do that. By spreading this wonderful initiative around Indonesia and the world, I hope it will help Indonesia's children become change makers, and help save our beloved planet."

Dwi Jayanthi

Dwi Jayanthi

Eco-Activities coordinator 

"I have a passion for protecting the environment. After 7 years of working on environmental conservation, I am still learning how to become more useful. It’s important to explore your curiosity.

Working is about how to be a fast learner, to be eager and independent, but at the same time working as part of a team. In order to keep growing, creativity is a big part of working. Creativity is born of unlimited imagination, a ton of ideas and people. We must learn to be a good listener and to use our imagination and creativity.

Teaching kids is an art of embracing circumstances. Creativity levels will increase through reading books, watching films, and playing games. Ultimately, we can make an integrated program at Green-books.org that is valuable to the team and the kids."

Gung Asri

Gung Asri

Eco-Activities coordinator 

"Since childhood, Gung Asri began her life in the forest. Her days were colored with learning and gardening. It has made her really close to the environment. After graduating in chemistry, she has worked as an elementary school teacher. She teaches the spirit of the environment to students through environmental activities at Saraswati Sukawati Elementary School. This year, she successfully introduced the environmental program at her school. Her goal is to spread the spirit of environmental awareness to kindergarten, junior high and vocational schools in the same foundation of her school and wider. She is very happy to do it, because it comes from her heart."

Ocktavia Amarely

Ocktavia Amarely


"Master your mind, and you will change your life. That's what I always say to myself.

Dance and yoga are my favorite things to do. But architecture and art are my passions. That’s why I created my own product a handmade clutch made from rattan. It doesn't damage the environment and it’s beautiful. For me, the most important thing is to do things that you enjoy and love. Keep loving yourself, and treat yourself with self respect. Love your family, and respect your friends.

I'm happy to contribute some of my time to work with this team who are really concerned about educating kids about how to be creative, smart and become open-minded in protecting Indonesia’s environment. Hopefully, in the future, they can change their lives and can contribute to our earth as well."

Monika Novikmecova

Monika Novikmecova

green-books Family Coordinator 

"Along with so many others, I was completely shocked when I first witnessed the trash-covered beaches and gutters over-flowing with waste--when on holiday in Bali and I was disturbed with the way Indonesia handles it's waste overall. Soon after, I met Petr to find out about green-books.org and fell in love with their mission immediately. I strongly believe environmental education is the best way to spread awareness and understanding of nature to young people. To teach about sustainable ways of life equips them with examples of how to live responsibly, as the earth's natural resources are limited. I believe this is simply the right way to contribute to the betterment of our future and am proud of being a part of such an impactful organisation."

Petr Vančura

Petr Vančura

Ambassador @Prague 

"Nature is our endless inspiration, teaching us how all it's elements are intertwined, how seemingly trivial events can trigger reactions leading to subsequent disorder. I see how our behaviour at one end of the world can influence the ecosystems in my beloved Indonesia. It is important to spread the word about environmental issues and how to prevent them, and therefore how to preserve our vital planet for future generations. The Eco-Education program is a perfect tool to promote such knowledge. I'm glad to contribute my free time into something that I believe in."

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